I have notice that there are a few things that make getting thru the day easier. One is having you lover,husband what the case maybe support you. Second is having a support group it can be your kids family or friends. I have family and friends that give me that support but they don’t realize they give it to me. Kids are grown but they always need there mom…especially girls and I have 4. My husband now doesn’t understand me again for the millionth time in our 25 yrs of marriage… so he just smiles and nodds like I’m crazy. We have the best friends we can go anywhere and have fun. They let me relax forget about the pain enjoy them and they are a hoot. They also will be there if you should need them. These people are the reason I get up and fight each day… Thank you for making it easier for me.


This is the first time that I have considered doing anything like this its kinda hard when you try putting how you feel into words. About 2 1/2 yrs ago received a nupron shot for hormones…less then 12 hours later had the headache from hell. Fibro, arthritis migraines and etc… always trying to find any new way to ease the pain from legs,back,neck,arms and head…and every where else…each day new pain…sleeping is a thing of the past at most 3 hours a night which is awful. Gotta move foreward.

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What to say my name is Jackie and I don’t sleep a lot anymore have fibromyalgia migraines along with other health issues. Trying to over come those and be productive is hard for me to do. Trying to get any and all information on my illnesses to be my best me but its 1 step foreward and 6 back.
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Well after a couple hours of sleep last night I feel like my shoulder and neck have been hit with baseball bat… WHAT… that’s crazy migraine is kicking. Man fibromyalgia is a pain in the …everywhere today. Time to put on big girl panties and suck it up no more cryin about it just keep moving and tonight I will sleep….PLEASE!

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